SUNSET BAY is the story about Megan Greene who feels she doesn’t fit into her dramatic and dysfunctional family. With the turn of each page, we see Megan cope with issues in her life and watch her progress from an insecure teenager to a beautiful confident woman. The reader witnesses Megan make the necessary changes to put her life back together after a series of events tears her life apart. The characters are flawed and believable. I loved some characters and hated others. For me, the characters were so real it was as if I were developing a friendship with them as I turned each page. I didn’t want the book to end!

I highly recommend this book. It has laugh-out-loud humor, snarky humorous remarks and tear evoking moments. The romance and intimate scenes are well written and not cheesy or fake. I laughed and cried (because some events/issues hit too close to home). I cheered as the characters’ triumphed over the challenges in their lives. A very good read. I like the way Susan writes to emotionally evoke laughter and tears from the reader! I love a book that makes me feel; anger, sadness, happiness, hurt, etc. This book is a great read, I highly recommend it. Crab a box of tissues before you begin to read.

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