Book Review: EX ON THE BEACH


This book is the first book I’ve read by Kim Law. I enjoyed the book very much. EX ON THE BEACH is a great story that includes humor, romance and drama. Kim Law grabs the reader’s attention in the beginning and takes the reader on a journey of watching two people rediscover their love for each other. Andie is a young business woman who is living her life and making decisions in hopes of eventually obtaining her mother’s approval and love. Andie’s mother is distant and focused only on being successful in the corporate world. Because of the relationship Andie has with her mother, she lives with her aunt. The story takes place in a beach community called Turtle Island (sounds romantic already!) Mark is Andie’s ex-fiancé, who left her standing at the altar four years previously. Mark and Andie reunite after Andie’s wedding planning business is hired to coordinate an expensive wedding for one of Mark’s friends. Andie and Mark are very much in love, but have past issues that prevents them from making progress in their relationship. During the reading of this book, I laughed, cried and growled at parts of the book. This is an excellent heart-warming book that will leave the reader crying (in a good way) one minute and laughing the next. A great book—I couldn’t put it down. I am anxiously waiting for the next installment of Turtle Island drama!